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I've been into photography since I was little. I've had lots of cameras and now I'm selling this one on wallapop so I can buy a better one.



Marketing y RP

Five weddings per year — that can really hurt! Most of all, my wallet. That's why I'm the queen of finding wedding accessories on Wallapop, like these heels.  


Customer Agent

When we changed offices I decided I'd start biking to work. So I searched wallapop and fell in love with this beauty; it gets me to the office on time every day.



Head of Customer Service

I bought my favorite book on wallapop because I like to have all the different editions and translations.



iOS Lead

I can't work if I'm not listening to music, and my old headphones were pretty bad. I bought these ones on Wallapop and they work great. Now I can finally get some work done.



Product Designer

I'm a videogame aficionado, and especially a fan of the classics. As you can imagine wallapop is a goldmine for my collection, and a black hole for my bank account.


Graphic Designer

I ride my bike everywhere and I'm the kind of guy who packs my lunch. What I needed was a cool backpack to carry my things. I found this one on wallapop.


Product Owner

Hey! What's up? yadda yadda yadda... That's me, all day every day. I admit it: I'm addicted to my smartphone. And that's why I'm constantly buying and selling them. Lucky for me, there's wallapop!

What we're about

We're about working late, not coming in early. We're about the dive bar, not the cool cocktail lounge. We're about making history, not talking about it. Because we want to accomplish things no one else ever has. Because we know that to get what we want we have to go all in and be able to back it up. We're about asking for forgiveness, not permission. Because we see how high we're going to fly, not how far we could fall.

Enjoy Barcelona with our wallapopers

Wallapop Football Match
Some of our team at Primavera Sound 2016
Summer Offsite 2018
The Wallapop team stand-up paddle surfing
Carlos playing videogames on bring your kids to work day

Together in Wallapop

We like to party. We celebrate birthdays with cakes and burgers. We meet up for afternoon drinks and don't get home until the early morning. We laugh. We have fun. We know that to be happy at work, we have to be happy out of work.


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